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A petri dish is a shallow, cylindrical, transparent dish with a lid, used to culture bacteria, fungi, cells, and other microorganisms. Petri dishes are commonly used in microbiology, medicine, biology, and other scientific fields. One of the challenges of working with petri dishes is to keep track of the colonies that grow on the agar medium, especially when there are many of them or when they need to be counted or analyzed. A printable-petri-dish-grid-template is a tool that can help with this task.

What is a printable-petri-dish-grid-template?

A printable-petri-dish-grid-template is a reusable label that adheres to the outside of a standard 100 mm petri dish. It has a grid pattern of squares or rectangles that divides the surface of the dish into equal sections. The grid template can be used to mark the location and number of colonies, to measure their size and shape, to compare different samples, or to perform other operations that require spatial information. The grid template can also be notched for orientation, so that the same position on the dish can be easily identified.

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How to use a printable-petri-dish-grid-template?

To use a printable-petri-dish-grid-template, one needs to follow these steps:

  • Remove the template from the paper backing and place it onto a dry plate bottom. Make sure that the template fits snugly and does not cover the lid.

  • Mark the plate at the template notches for accurate realignment before removing the template from the plate.

  • Use a marker or a pen to draw lines along the grid edges on the dish. Alternatively, use a stencil to draw lines on the dish.

  • Remove the template from the plate and store it on the paper backing when not in use. Keep templates separated from each other using paper backing.

  • Do not autoclave or wash the template, as it may lose its adhesive properties.

Where to find a printable-petri-dish-grid-template?

A printable-petri-dish-grid-template can be purchased from some scientific suppliers, such as [Sunrise Science], which offers both 24-square and 48-square grids. Alternatively, one can create their own printable-petri-dish-grid-template by using a 3D printer or a laser cutter. For example, [Robert] has shared his design of two grid stencils on [MyMiniFactory], which can be downloaded and printed for free. The stencils have different grid layouts: one has 25 square sections and the other has 20 rectangular sections. The stencils also have arrows for alignment and fit plates with an 85.5 mm diameter.

Why use a printable-petri-dish-grid-template?

A printable-petri-dish-grid-template can offer several benefits for researchers and students who work with petri dishes. Some of these benefits are:

  • It can improve accuracy and consistency in counting and measuring colonies.

  • It can facilitate image analysis and data processing by providing spatial coordinates.

  • It can enhance organization and documentation by allowing easy labeling and identification of samples.

  • It can save time and resources by being reusable and easy to apply and remove.

  • It can foster creativity and innovation by enabling different grid patterns and designs.


A printable-petri-dish-grid-template is a useful tool for anyone who works with petri dishes. It can help with various tasks that involve spatial information, such as counting, measuring, comparing, or analyzing colonies. A printable-petri-dish-grid-template can be purchased from some suppliers or created by using a 3D printer or a laser cutter. A printable-petri-dish-grid-template can improve accuracy, consistency, organization, efficiency, and creativity in scientific research and education.


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