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Temple Run 2 APKVision: Run, Jump, Slide and Survive in this Amazing Game

Temple Run 2 is free, but you have the option to buy more gems through in-app purchases. The controls are similar to their original game. Use swipe controls to run, turn, and jump as you explore the temple. The path you follow has dips and rises to make the game more visually interesting. There is an added mine section where you explore while sitting in a mining cart. While in a cart you have to lean right or left to steer the cart on the proper rail.

temple run 2 apkvision

Temple run 2 starts when you meet an adventurous boy who decides to steal the sacred statue of their temple. But on the way back, this boy encounters a large and strong creature that is like a gorilla and runs away. To save itself, this game has an acceptable and exciting story that has made the game more attractive and interesting. This game is one of the most addictive games.

If you have experienced the first version of this game, you will notice that the second version is very different. You should be aware that the physical graphics of this game show the objects in front of you after reaching a distance of a few meters. Of course, this game has been able to establish a good relationship with gamers and players, which makes these small flaws that temple run 2 mod apk does not appear. In this game, no shading engine is used and all shadows were applied on the characters themselves. This feature of the game has caused its volume to decrease, but it has also caused its quality to decrease.

In the game temple run 2 apk, they did not work much on the game character. But instead they have spent a lot of time on game music and it is very unique in its kind. The interesting thing about the music of this game is that when the speed of the runner increases, his every step is equivalent to one beat of this song, and you will get unparalleled and wonderful excitement without realizing it.

Each character in the temple run 2 mod apk game has special features. You can release characters as you go along and earn more coins and make the most of each one. The story content of the game does not seem to have any effect on the process and continuation of the game, but it gives more charm and excitement to those who are interested in adventure. You can play in an area in the depths of unknown forests and mountains, in the heart of which there is a large and sacred temple that is very valuable. The hero of this story travels to strange places and after searching, he sees it. He stumbles upon a statue that is golden and very precious, and decides to remove it from the area and escape. But this hero does not know that the statues and precious objects of the temple are guarded by a frightening guard. This guard, who is like a very big and wild monkey that attacks this hero when he sees him, now he has to escape from this catastrophe in this game and be able to save his life. The guard of this temple is chasing you a few meters away and any mistake you make will cause you to be caught by the guard. The main criterion of this game is to earn points and break the time record. The more you try and earn points, the better characters you buy. But download and install mod version from our website and get this features for free.

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In India, treasure hunter Chloe Frazer (Claudia Black) searches for the legendary tusk of Ganesh, the son of Hindu god Shiva, who lost the tusk while defending his father's temple. Chloe's father was killed by bandits while searching for the tusk. Chloe slips past insurgents and meets up with mercenary Nadine Ross (Laura Bailey). They sneak into the office of the insurgents' leader, Asav (Usman Ally) a former acquaintance of Nadine, who wants to use the tusk to rally India into a civil war. Chloe and Nadine steal a map pointing toward the tusk within the ancient Hoysala Empire and a disc that acts as a key.

While some of the large open areas of Uncharted 4 were limited by the game's development schedule, Naughty Dog updated the production process to allow up to five teams to develop one location at a time for The Lost Legacy. The natural diversity of the Western Ghats area also allowed the team to explore different settings, including jungles, mountains, temples, and large urban environments.[4] The iconography and deities of India were also appealing to the team.[21]


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